What is SGBox?

SGBox is SIEM solution (System Information and Event Management), a modular platform for controlling and managing ICT security.

Its modular and distributed architecture means it can adapt to the various company needs. With SGBox, you can create an aggregate display with all the information gathered from various modules. The collected information also feeds a correlation engine which is capable of generating alarms and automatic countermeasures against IT attacks or mishaps.

SGBox Modules

Log Management

Module for management and standardization of logs from any type of data source from within the network. The most significant information is presented and managed in the form of events.

Event Correlation

A powerful and advanced correlation engine that aggregates and analyzes gathered events. Alarms and countermeasures are generated should a security problem or policy violation occur.

System Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of devices and services present in the network. The module provides real time and detailed information on the availability, performance, and state of analyzed components.

Vulnerability Management

Checks known vulnerabilities and auditing services. This module generates detailed reports to identify the security state of assets and allows you to carry out specific checks for auditing compliance.

Why choose SGBox?

SGBox is a highly flexible and scalable solution for IT security. Choose the modules which your company needs and implement it without any modification to your network infrastructure.

  • Centralized Managementof any type of “log format”
  • High performance event analysis engine
  • Optimized proprietary database
  • Custom widgets and dashboards
  • Web interface
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • KPIs for monitoring the progress of company procedures
  • Compliance Tool
  • Access to API for App development
  • User portal for app sharing

All in a Dashboard!

SGBox is a platform designed to centrally manage the information generated by security checks of the various modules, providing an intuitive, real time overview of everything that is happening within the network.


Managed Services

SGBox is offered in SaaS mode, guaranteeing ongoing support with management and reduction of costs related to the internal resources of the company.


Customized Report

SGBox allows you to create customized reports and dashboards so that you can have multiple displays of the collected information or check compliance with regulations.


SGBox Apps

SGBox gives you all of the necessary tools, applications and API key to add new specific functions and broaden the analysis capabilities of the platform.

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