Hosts, Services and Applications

Real Time Network Status Check

The SM module which is perfectly integrated in the SGBox platform allows you to monitor your network. You can manage both the informations collected and the alarms generated in conjunction with the other modules. SM is provided with a set of predefined checks in order to verify an high number of services and applications. This module can monitor your IT infrastructure and identify any problems as soon as they arise.

Open Monitoring System

The solution collects, indexes and control dynamically generated data from all applications and systems. In large networks, SGBox allows you to deploy multiple monitoring probes while maintaining centralized management. Therefor it is possible create unified views containing graphic representations by analyzing the test results.

SNMP Monitoring

It allows you to identify in advance any problems relating: saturation of resources on a server or alarms generated by a temperature sensor, as well. The SNMP make network’s devices monitoring simple creating dashboard and alarms.

Dynamic Alerts

The module is able to instantly notify the system administrator if anomalies happened in the network. Performance, service availability, functionality and response time can now be monitored easily.

Performance SLA Check

You’ll be able to verify service level trends in terms of compliance with contractual target values, as well as the presence of technical or software anomalies which could cause a down of a service.

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