SonicWall Integration

SGBox integrates with SonicWall firewalls providing event classes, dashboards and reports that will let customers to have a complete picture of what is going on their SonicWall installation. It will be possible to show-up several aggregate information coming from the SonicWall modules like Application Control or Attack Detection as well as interact with the firewall, through API, to react to specific issues popped-out by SGBox correlation rules.

Integration Package

SGBox Packages for SonicWall provide OOB sets of technology-specific dashboards, reports, and correlation rules.

SGBox’s SonicWall Capture Client Package and Application

The Sonicwall Capture Client package, collecting data from the Sonicwall Cloud Service, allows visibility on relevant security events generated from the endpoints through the Sonicwall agents.

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SGBox SonicWall Firewall package and application

The SGBox SonicWall Firewall package includes a customized environment to simplify the configurations steps.

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