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SGBox announces the partnership with LinkShadow for the Middle Eastern market

The agreement marks a further step forward in the company’s internationalization process and aims to provide companies with SIEM solutions with an ever-higher level of security.

SGBox, a company specializing in development of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions, announces a new partnership for the Middle Eastern market with LinkShadow, a leading player in the IT security market.

The agreement is part of Italian company’s internationalization plan and provides for the integration of LinkShadow’s cyber threat detection tools within SGBox solutions, to ensure companies a high level of security of their IT infrastructures.

Today, in fact, the threat landscape is highly sophisticated, with constant behavioral changes and complex formats that limit visibility and control over attack techniques, tactics and procedures (TTP). Legacy SIEM solutions can’t handle a landscape that changes so abruptly, and for this reason, integrating a robust SIEM solution into a Threat Hunting strategy becomes more critical than ever for businesses.


Massimo Turchetto, Ceo e founder di SGBox, declares “We are very satisfied with the agreement with LinkShadow, because their great know-how in the field of IT security represents a further added value for our SIEM solutions and allows us to guarantee our customers a increasingly complete and effective product. Furthermore, this partnership represents a strong consolidation of our presence in the Middle Eastern market, which is becoming increasingly strategic for us ”.

The advanced features of the LinkShadow platform and SGBOX’s modular services complement each other through high-performance data collection and real-time analysis capable of providing maximum visibility on all network activities. The information from the endpoints is then aggregated and processed through machine learning algorithms that profile users and entities, providing each with a threat score. This way, the IT team will have the ability not only to spot zero-day ransomware and malware attacks in their early stages, but also to identify suspicious cases and prevent them.

“LinkShadow enables security teams to gain maximum understanding through multiple functions dealing with Behavioral Analytics, CXO Visibility, Security Synopsis and Threat Hunting. The collaboration with SGBOX will help us add value to businesses, especially thanks to its innovative user experience. , the solution’s high scalability and cost efficiency, “said Fadi Sharaf, Regional Director di LinkShadow.

Furthermore, SGBox helps to achieve compliance by responding to the controls required in the audit phase such as GDPR, PCIDSS, SOX, ISO 27001 and SAMA Cyber ​​Security Framework.


About SGBox

SGBox is a dynamic and innovative security vendor with over 10 years of experience in software production. Booming in the European and Middle Eastern markets. SGBox redefines the approach to cyber security and compliance (GDPR, SAMA, ISO27001, PCI-DSS, …) by offering an integrated but modular, scalable and easy-to-use solution capable of adapting to the growing demands of the market. SGBox is available “on-premise” and in the cloud in the multitenant version dedicated to MSSP partners.