Ongoing Network Control

Detects, Verifies and Solves Performance Issues

SGBox protects and provides detailed information about problems found in the network. It also allows to effectively manage its performance and be able to act before service levels are compromised.

Ping Check

Evaluate the accessibility and response time of a host.

Hard Disk Check

Keep hard drive usage status under control.

RAM Check

Identify if RAM is overloaded by applications.

CPU Check

Track CPU usage to detect slowdowns.

Bandwidth Check

Monitors band use to avoid bottleneck.

Personalized Dashboard and Widgets

Collected information is displayed in a personalized way as a widget within the dashboard that allow administrators to graphically display the performance trends in real time.

Ongoing Monitoring

All infrastructures are constantly monitored, so it is possible to present results in a centralized way.

Simple Graphics

Graphical representation of collected information allows to immediately identify problems or to be warned when the thresholds are exceeded.

Dynamic Maps

Customizable maps allow to represent different situations such as: network topology, geographical areas or plans.

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