Collection, Analysis and Advaced Search

More than a Log Repository

The LM module natively supports Syslog. It was also designed to collect any format of logs coming from any type of data source, without need to install proprietary agent especially designed for each specific platform. This is made possible using a powerful recognition and normalization engine. With a simple and intuitive interface, users can easily receive logs from any platform of their company. The collected data can be managed and analyzed in Real time or Historical analysis. The analyzed data can also be graphically represented using detailed reports.

Different Logs, Same Platform

The solution collects logs of any format from any type of data source. Collected logs, kept encrypted and with their original format, are processed to extract associated events that can be scanned on current and historical basis.

Dynamic Searches

Drill-down events, starting from an overview of historical data by entering in detail to analyze the single event. Selecting a parameter in the event flow will change the view and allows you advanced searches.

Strong Encryption

The GPG protocol and asymmetric keys are used to grant efficient log encryption of stored data. The timestamp and GPG Sign are also used to certify the integrity.

Unlimited Log Format

SGBox is ablet to collect any kind of log data format. In case of unknown log formats (such as custom application ) SGBox laboratories my generate the appropriate parser.

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