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The SCMID in the unique identifier for each SGBox machine. It’s to generate the license or open a ticket with the SGBox support

IF you have an SGBox version equal or greater than 5.1.3 you can see your SCMID from WebUI:
Go to SGBOX > SCM > Users > License

SCMID is the 32 byte alfanumeric code


If your is SGBox has a version lower than 5.1.3, you can see yout SCMID from CLI interface:
Connect to SGBox using a terminal like program (eg. Putty)

user: cli
pass: CL1changePW

Select Show this SGBox ID option

The SCMID is shown.


SCMID could also be shown the fist time you deploy the OVF template. After found the SGBox, you can connect to the WebUI.


The Wizard is displayed and the SCMID is shown.