Prepare an asset to NVS

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Prepare an asset to NVS

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Prepare the asset

This article explains how to prepare an asset to NVS. In this way, the hosts that are part of it, can be used as target of the scan test. For more information about the assets, look the article that explains how to create an asset.


  • The asset must be created. Look this section to see how to create it.
  • Openvas must be configured. Look this section to see how to configure it.

Connect to the SGBox web interface.
SGBOX > SCM > Network > Asset


Click on Edit button of the asset you want to modify. In our caseAsset1.


Asset configuration window is shown.
In Assign Module tab, select Network Vunerability Scanner and click on ADD.


In Assign NVS Policy tab, select the network on which our hosts belong and the policy you want to use.
In our case, the previously created policy: Openvas Default Scan. Click on Modify to save changes.

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