Playbooks – Trigger with LCE

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Playbooks – Trigger with LCE

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Triggering a Playbook from LCE module

Any playbook can be launched as a reaction to a LCE rule, when the rule is triggered.

Simply add the Run playbook action to the rule, then select a playbook or choose to create one from scratch.

You will be redirect to the playbook configuration page. The playbook must have a trigger node as start node. The trigger node will receive, from the LCE rule, the parameters of the event(s) that triggered the rule. Then, values can be read from any node in the playbook.

In this example, the event has only one parameter (Number). Other info are passed too, like the event timestamp, name, etc.

IMPORTANT: LCE engine runs every minute and every active rule can be triggered more than once in a minute. When this happens, the related playbook will be launched once per trigger.

Download the PB samples package for examples.

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