Playbooks – Trigger with LCE

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Playbooks – Trigger with LCE

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Triggering a Playbook from LCE module

This article shows how to trigger a Playbook from LCE module, to perform any desired operation with the parameters of one or more events catched by a LCE rule or sensor.

  • Add a trigger node as start node to your playbook
  • Set POST as method for the trigger to receive parameters.
  • Save the playbook

  • In your LCE rule, add the Call API action
  • Use the Production URL of the PB trigger as API Url
  • Flag Send all parameters via POST (Json format)
  • Save the rule
  • Trigger the rule

  • Back in the Playbook, test the trigger node to see what LCE sent
  • In other nodes, use Extract from previous output to select and use any parameter of interest from the trigger.
  • Save the playbook

Now, whenever the LCE rule is triggered by a event, the playbook will start and do its operations with the parameters. In this example, it will send a different email according to the value of the Number parameter.