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Manage Dashboards

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Dashboard and Tags management

In version 5.3.1 we introduced a new way to manage and share dashboard. We introduced al tags that can be added to a dashboard in order to filter it.


  • SGBox version 5.3.1

From SGBox menu, go to SCM > Manage Dashboards.

You can filter the dashboard by the Name, Description, Users and Tags. Click on NEW TAG to create a new tag.

You can choose the Name, a color and on which dashboards the tag is inserted.

You can delete a tag by selecting the tag and click on DELETE TAG

If you haven’t assign the tag to any dashboards you can edit the dashboard and re-assign the tag.

You can also edit a specific tag by selecting it in order to change its properties.

This view allows you to edit, clone or delete a dashboard.

When you edit a dashboard you have two options: Share and Copy the dashboard.

  • SHARE: dashboard is shared between the users. Changes will impact all the users involved.
  • COPY: dashboard are copied on all users. Changes will impact just the user that edit the dashboard.