Create TailFolder Command

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Create TailFolder Command

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The SGAgent TailFolder command

This section explain how to create a new configuration and the related command in order to retrieve logs from a specific folder.


  • SGBox 5.0.2 or SGBox 4.2.7 is required.
  • At least SGAgent 3.2.7433.19116 is required .

Log in to SGBox web interface. Go to LM > Configuration > Agents

Click on CLICK HERE TO CREATE NEW CONFIGURATION if you want create a new configuration or click on existing configuration if you want to edit it.
Enter a name and select TailFolder as command.

A new windows appears. Enter details of your command:

  • Name: a descriptive name of your command.
  • Description: brief description of your command ( not mandatory ).
  • Frequency: how frequent these information will be sent to SGBox.
  • Directory Path: where how logs are located
  • File Name: Logs file name, also star expression could be used.
  • List Subdirectories: Use this flag if you want to look also logs located in the subdirectories.
  • Timestamp Pattern: a regex to find the correct timestamp of the logs.
  • Timestamp Format: Specify logs timestamp format.
  • Timezone: You can specify if the Timestamp is in Localtime or UTC.

ATTENTION: if the folder you are trying to monitor is inside C:/Windows/System32/ you need to use C:/Windows/sysnative/

Your command has been created. If you want you can add more commands to your configuration.

Click on Save Changes to save your configuration.

Drag & Drop your configuration to the target host and Save Changes.

When everything is configured you can see your logs in historical search