Create new command for custom registry

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Create new command for custom registry

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The SGAgent configurations & commands

This section explain how to create a new configuration and command from a custom registry. We’ll take the Terminal Service Registry as example. Here the details of the logs we want retrieve:

Se the previous section to specify a new command from a basic registry:

Fist of all we need to find the exact name of the registry: Right click > Properties

A new command could be added in a same way to an existing configuration.

Log in to SGBox web interface. Go to LM > Configuration > Agents

Click on CLICK HERE TO CREATE NEW CONFIGURATION if you want create a new configuration or click on existing configuration if you want to edit it.

Enter o modify a name for the configuration and select GetEventLog to retrieve new information from Event Viewer.

Enter details of your command:

  • Name: a descriptive name of your command.
  • Description: brief description of your command ( not mandatory ).
  • Frequency: how frequent these information will be sent to SGBox.
  • Log Name: select ADD NEW
  • New Log Name: the registry name taken before.
  • Select o specify the Event ID. You can Select All avents or -1 to tell the agent to send all events from the specified register.

You can add more commands to your configuration.

Drag & Drop your configuration to the target host and Save Changes.