Configure MySQL App

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Download and Configure MySQL App

This articles explain how to configure MySQL App in order to retrieve logs from a specifc database table.
Before start here you can see how our database is configured:


  • SGBox version 4.2.5

Go to the application lists from SGBox go to SCM > Applications

Select Vendors Integrations and download the application Log from MySQL

You need to configure the application as follow:

    Host: Database IP
    Username: SQL user used to login
    Password: SQL user's password
    Star Date: Initial date to retrieve logs
    Timestamp field: The Column name that contain the timestamp
    Timestamp table: The table that contain the timestamp
    Separate field: Charater used to separate information once retrieved
    Query: query used to extract information
    DB name: The database name

After configured you need to schedule the application to be executed. See this section to know how to schelude an application.

Once executed you’ll see your logs LM > Analysis > Historical Search

If yuo have more databases or more SQL Server you can clone it and configure a new one.