Configure a collector

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Configure a collector

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Configure connection between collector and SGBox

This article explains how to configure the communication between collector and SGBox. It’ll be used to send logs received by the collector to SGBox.
This configuration is useful also configure NVS and SM checks made by the collector.

Download last version of SGBox collector from the following link:

Version 5


Version 4



  • A collector must be deployed in your virtual infrastructure.

Connect to the collector using a terminal emulator ( a program like Putty ). Dafault credentials are:

user: sgbox
pass: sgbox

Go to Tenant Configuration

Enter the SGBox IP address


Multi Tenant Environment

You need to specify also the Tenant ID.
Then and click on Submit



Single Tenant Environment

You have to leave it blank TenatUID section.
Go back to Configuration
Go to Collector configuration editor
Change collector_legacy from 0 to 1