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A new version of SGBox that introduce a NEW SGBox module has been released. Here the details:


PlayBooks is the new SGBox module! It allow you to retreive logs or lists from any type of APIs and store them into SGBox. Visit SGBox Knowledge Base for further info.


A new node called Alienvault has been added to Playbooks to receive updated lists from Alienvault API service
Is now possible build custom template for the emails sent when reports are generated. Go to LM > Report > Schedule to edit the tempalte.
In Pattern Analysis dashboard, each event of the list of events’ details comes with the possibility to view the raw log that generated the event.
The “Call API” action POST parameters enriched with Rule ID and Rule name
In “execute script” and “execute app” actions is now possible send parameters in base64
Various fixes

SGBOX > SCM > Applications > SGBox Updates

Click on install