The SGBox Incident Management

The incident management is fundamental to reduce the time, complexity and cost associated with handling incidents. SGBox dynamic case management provides direct interaction with all data and related actions tied to an incident, allowing analysts to respond faster with greater flexibility.

Case Management

SGBox case management capability is fully interactive and tightly integrated with workflow and playbooks to consolidate the entire incident response process. With the SGBox case management, an analyst can access a single record view to dynamically analyze and interact with all data and critical components related to an incident. From any record, the analyst can instantly execute an array of correlated investigatory actions specific to that case.

Incident Boards

Pre configured views on incidents. It’s possible to show them by risk or time created.

Teams Collaboration

It’s possible manually or automatically assign the incident to a specific operator or team. Additional information can be added during the resolution.

Timeline Analysis

View the incident history from the creation to the resolution. Analyze step by step the actions executed by each operator.

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