Cloud SIEM Means Convenience

Why Choose the Cloud

To keep the organization’s information secure and industry compliant a SIEM might be the answer.
On-Prem systems keep your data inside the organization but require a relevant amount of investment and manual effort to start up a SIEM solution. SIEM as a Service, particularly when implemented through the cloud, can avoid or reduce these expenses and efforts.

Log Management

Collect and analyze: any data in any format, from any kind of device.

User Behavior Analytics

Tracking, collecting and assessing of user data and activities using monitoring systems

Log Correlation

Aggregate events coming from various data sources and applying predefined rules.

Vulnerability Scanner

Look for security vulnerabilities and insecure server configuration.


System Monitoring

Provide real-time information, analyzing performance and the status of network components.

Advanced Windows Auditing

Monitor activity across all endpoints providing deep visibility into their security state.

GDPR Gap Analysis

SGBox application that support the GDPR compliance requirements.

Dashboards and Reports

Provide centralized dashboard and reports with details about the threat environment.

SIEM As a Service

Futhermore the SGBox cloud services, working to build custom integrations between the existing information architecture and the new SIEM, can be relied upon for consistent and proactive improvements to the organization’s overall security.
The SGBox SIEM As a Service monitors and test different activities to make sure that the custoner system’s defenses are always at their best.

Expert Team

A year-long project can usually be onboard in days from our experts, eliminating the need to train the customer’s staff.

No Physical Resources

A cloud-based system can eliminates the need for physical infrastructures like storage and servers dedicated to the SIEM system.

Always Monitored

SGBox Cloud infrastructure and services are always monitored from our experienced team. All problems will be under control.

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