SGBox Next Generation SIEM & SOAR

Security & Compliance Made Easy


What is SGBox?

SGBox is a modular platform for controlling and managing ICT security. Its modular and distributed architecture means it can adapt to the various company needs. With SGBox, you can create an aggregate display with all the information gathered from log collection, vulnerability scan and endpoint status. The collected information feeds a correlation engine and analytics system to provide a fully network security posture and adopt automatic response against cyber security threats. SGBox is offered as on premise or cloud installation; single or multi-tenant version.

Log Management

Collect and analyze any  data from any kind of device.

Event Correlation

Define correlation rules to detect anomalous patterns and scenarios.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability scans over the network to find vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

System Monitoring

Continuos monitoring to check assets resources and services availability.

User Behavior Analytics

Determine the risk profiles of users inside your network.


Interact with third part applications using their APIs.

Windows Auditor

Keep monitored your Active Directory and Windows systems.

Threat Intelligence

Verify if a target IP belong to BotNet, CNC or malicius wesites.

Incident Management

Manage detected Incidents and Issue on SGBox.

Predictable Price, Unlimited Data.

The first SIEM at a predicable price and trasparent licensing model.
The license cost is based on the total number of devices sending logs, not on the obsolete
volume of data or event per second (EPS) count.

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1000+ Customers

Simple and Intuitive Interface

SGBox for the Compliance

SGBox helps you to automate process to achieve compliance
by responding to a lot of controls required in the auditing phase like: GDPR,
PCIDSS, SOX, ISO 27001 and SAMA Cyber Security Framework.

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Ultra Performance

With the innovative architecture for data management, SGBox guarantees high performance in terms of data collection, real-time analysis and historical data. SGBox, using less resources then competitors, is able to offer an innovative user experience and an unlimited horizontal scalability.

Network Visibility

Network security posture from a single point of view.

Security Analytics

Detect and investigate threats with advanced analytics.

Integrity Monitoring

Track authorized change
to sensitive data.


Audit trail for users,
processes and policies.