LinkShadow Integration

LinkShadow Integrates with SGBox to gather the logs from various log sources which are already connected to the SGBox as part of the Data Collection. SGBox feeds LinkShadow with the detections of the security devices that are fortifying the enterprise. LinkShadow collects this intelligence and run it over the advanced machine learning algorithms in order to build various dashboards to show either the effectiveness and efficiency of the security devices, the return of investment of the security spending, visualize the attackscape, and more.

Integration Benefits

LinkShadow integrates with the with the security tools in the organization to measure the weight of the attack detection and the performance of the Security Device using the BlockCount Ratio Dashboard. SGBOX makes it easier to forward the logs from a single source of contact to minimize the configuration overhead, maximize the efficiency of the log collection, and ensure the full coverage of the organization’s security devices.

Key Benefits:

  • LinkShadow helps building the right scope for the SIEM
  • SGBOX is Single Point of Contact with all Log Sources
  • Maximize collection and investigation efficiency
  • Reduce the configuration overhead
  • Automate Threat Hunting with Behavioral Analysis
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